Exercises for quadricep hypertrophy

In the battle for muscle hypertrophy, people often forget about their legs. The legs are obviously a large portion of the body, and must be given top priority if an individual wants to look good for bodybuilding competitions, or have athletic ability. Muscularity of the quadricep is very simple but will take lots of hard work. It will take a lot of reps and volume to increase the muscle size, along with lots of calories. Ingest lots of food rich in carbohydrates to ensure full muscle growth. The best exercise for quadricep hypertrophy is the leg press. Use lots of weight while allowing enough room for at least 12 reps. Focus on the contraction and really squeeze the muscle. Do about four sets of 12-20 repetitions. Another great exercises is the back squat. Everyone knows that the full squat for high repetitions will not only improve your legs, but your whole physique. Keep your range of motion full to keep your joints healthy and work in your hips for the natural and primal squat position.

How to get bicep hypertrophy

Contrary to popular belief, you donít need to do bicep curls to get bigger biceps. In fact,†the best way to get bicep hypertrophy†is through compound lifts that work in your back. For example, you can do pull-ups and chin-ups, the latter especially works your biceps. Because you can use heavier weights with compound lifts, your body releases more testosterone and other related hormones associated with muscle growth. Another lift is the T-bar row. This lift allows constant tension across the back and bicep muscles, so use heavy weights while allowing upwards of 12 repetitions. This enhanced time under tension is vital for hypertrophy. Additionally, you can do seated horizontal rows using a common machine found in commercial gyms. An added bonus of this lift is that keeping upright helps to improve your capacity for thoracic extension, which supports a strong posture.

Calories for hypertrophy

To get bigger muscles, you need to gain weight. To gain weight, you need to take in more calories. The protein you take in is also important, but too many individuals over-prioritise protein through whey protein shakes and the like. Itís more important to both ingest more calories than you need in your diet, along with a balance of the three macronutrients: fat, protein, and carbs. The body needs fat in the diet in order to process protein for muscle hypertrophy. Carbohydrates should be the focus alongside excess calories to get muscle growth. The extra carbs will make your body produce a lot of insulin, which has a huge effect on your muscles taking in amino acids from the protein in your diet. I would say a good target for calories would be between 5-7k calories every day while doing lots of intensive strength training.